FAQs For Grantseekers & Current Grantees

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1. Can we apply for funding through one of your national initiatives?

At this time, EIF does not accept any unsolicited requests for funding through any of our programs. 

2. What type of organizations do you fund?

EIF awards grants through its national initiatives and special fundraising events through an invitation-only RFP process.  Selected organizations are identified during the development of the initiative based on several criteria, including an organization’s track record and ability to accomplish specific strategic grant objectives consistent with the goals of the EIF program.  

3. Do you give grants to individuals?

No. The Foundation does not make gifts to individuals or individual families. 

4. May we invite EIF staff to visit our organization or arrange a presentation at your office about our program?

EIF does not generally accommodate unsolicited offers to meet face-to-face with organizations.

5. Can you help our organization secure celebrity spokespersons or other entertainment industry support?

EIF is a public charity engaged in grantmaking and public awareness/education initiatives; as such, we do not reach out to celebrities, high profile individuals or the entertainment industry on behalf of other organizations.  Celebrities can generally be contacted through their individual representation.



6. Where do we send progress and final grant reports?

Please contact the EIF Philanthropic Services Department at (424) 283-3692 to get specific reporting requirements related to your grant.  

7. May we request a no-cost extension on our grant?

A formal request for no-cost extension should be mailed to the EIF Philanthropic Services Department, 1900 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 1400, Los Angeles, CA 90067. Your request should include the specific reasons for your request, a breakdown of expenditures to date for the grant, and a proposed timeline for the full expenditure of grant funds.  A Philanthropic Services Department staff person will respond to you directly after a review of your request.