EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women

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EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women

Created in 1993 by cancer activist Lilly Tartikoff, Revlon Chairman Ronald O. Perelman and the Entertainment Industry Foundation, the EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women has grown into the nation's largest 5K fundraising events for women challenged with breast and ovarian cancer. Millions of dollars have been raised for women's cancer research, early screening, access to care, ongoing support for survivors, prevention through education and advocacy. Beneficiaries from 2009 include:

Citrus Valley Medical Center
Citrus Valley Medical Center’s Cancer Resource Center (CVMC CRC) provides education, outreach, information, advocacy and peer support for breast, cervical, uterine and ovarian cancer patients from all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Available to residents of the East San Gabriel Valley offering support groups, educational materials and integrative health programs for cancer patients and their families.

Gilda Radner Cancer Detection Program
The Gilda Radner Cancer Detection Program is a program of Cedars-Sinai Women's Cancer Research Institute at the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute, and supports reduction of incidence related to ovarian and breast cancer through improved screening and diagnosis, as well as improved education and awareness.  This work is targeted at women who are at highest risk for these cancers due to hereditary predisposition, specifically those who carry the BRCA I and BRCA II genetic mutations.

Providence Saint Joseph Foundation
The Integrative Medicine Program at the Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center sets Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center apart from all others in the greater Los Angeles area. The Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center, opened in February 2010, provides state-of-the-art conventional and complementary cancer treatments, creating a comprehensive healing environment for cancer patients and their families in the San Fernando Valley and extended communities.

Revlon/UCLA Women's Cancer Research Program
Founded in 1990 by Lilly Tartikoff and Ronald O. Perelman, the Revlon/UCLA Women's Cancer Research Program is dedicated to the control and ultimate elimination of breast and ovarian cancer. The Program's research efforts to identify more effective and less toxic cancer treatments include the groundbreaking development and eventual FDA approval of the cancer treatment Herceptin®. This pioneering research proved, for the very first time, that targeted therapy was not only possible, but could be more effective than traditional therapies for a number of women with the HER2 sub-type of breast cancer. This treatment is now available worldwide to women with both metastatic and early stage breast cancer. In fact, we now know that, when used at the time of diagnosis, Herceptin® can improve survival rates and decrease breast cancer recurrences by more than half.

In addition to laboratory studies into the nature and causes of women's cancers, funding from the Revlon Run/Walk has been used to maintain the Community/UCLA Oncology Research Network. This clinical research network is responsible for evaluating new and innovative approaches to women's cancers and making these state-of-the-art therapies available, as rapidly as possible, to local patients at community medical offices throughout Southern California and beyond. To date, this has been one of the most effective and successful clinical research networks in the country.

Team Survivor Los Angeles
Team Survivor provides free exercise and support programs for any woman with a past or present diagnosis of cancer.  Our classes and programs include weekly activities such as yoga, strength training, qi gong, swimming, walking, and cycling, as well as event training programs such as the Revlon Run Walk.  We are so grateful to the Entertainment Industry Foundation for their continued support.  Join us!

Wellness Community (a program of the Cancer Support Community)
With four locations throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area (Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, Westlake Village, and Pasadena), The Wellness Community provides free cancer support programs to over 5,000 women each year (and men, too). Programs include: support groups; individual counseling; educational workshops; stress reduction and exercise classes (yoga, t'ai chi, meditation, guided imagery, and strength training); and more.

Women of Color Breast Cancer Survivors' Support Project
Women of Color’s mission is to provide emotional support and crisis intervention for breast cancer survivors; to educate on breast health knowledge and knowledge of early detection methods both locally and nationally; to effect public policy and social change regarding breast health awareness, including supporting culturally sensitive research.  In a secure environment in which to begin the healing process for you and your family during and after cancer treatment as you transition to survivorship.

Actors' Fund of America
The Actors Fund’s Phyllis Newman Women's Health Initiative (PNWHI) serves women in the entertainment and performing arts community confronting cancer and other serious health diagnoses.  PNWHI offers the patient navigation services through medical and support options, and provides guidance for basic life issues, e.g., returning to work, disability, as well as imparting coping skills through individual and group counseling.  PNWHI is a portal to The Fund’s almost two dozen other human services programs.

Albert Einstein Cancer Center
The Psychosocial Oncology Program of the Montefiore-Einstein Cancer Center is one of the primary organizations to offer free counseling, education, and mind-body therapies to cancer patients/caregivers in Bronx, NY.  Through EIF/Revlon support, the “Bronx Oncology Living Daily” (BOLD) Outreach Program will focus efforts on reaching out to the most underserved and socially isolated cancer patients in the Bronx with accessible and portable psychosocial support and care to meet their needs.

CancerCare’s Special Assistance Project for Underserved Women provides a full array of free support services to underserved women affected by breast and gynecological cancers and their loved ones. Services include individual/group counseling, information and educational programs about cancer and its treatment, practical help, and referrals. For women who meet eligibility requirements, the project also provides financial assistance for transportation to and from treatment, homecare, childcare, and pain medication.

Gilda's Club NYC
Gilda's Club New York City creates welcoming communities of free support for everyone living with cancer - men, women, children and teens - along with their families and friends.  Our innovative program is an essential complement to medical care, providing support groups, workshops, lectures and social activities, all free of charge.  Funding will be used to help reach an expanding and more diverse membership at out Manhattan Clubhouse and at community satellites in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Memorial Sloan-Kettering is designing new screening approaches for ovarian cancer in order to catch it in the earliest stages.  Through ovarian cancer has a relatively high mortality rate, this is entirely because the disease is difficult to diagnose in its early stages.  One approach is to identify women with a higher likelihood of cancer in the first place.  MSK is developing targets for molecular-based drug therapies based on recently recognized genomic classes of tumors.  And, because ovarian cancer does not necessarily begin on the ovarian surface, MSK is studying neighboring anatomic structures in search of precursor lesions for ovarian cancer.   Its long-term aim is to reduce the burden of ovarian cancer through screening, prevention, and improved treatments.

National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund
The National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund (NBCC) is the nation's leading grassroots organization dedicated to ending breast cancer through the power of action and advocacy.  To accomplish its mission, NBCC educates individuals to be effective participants in all aspects of breast cancer research, policy, and health care.  The training it provides empowers individuals to understand and promote a patient-centered, evidence-based view of medical research, policy and health care that translates into increased accountability in research and public policy.  This training reaches all geographic areas and ethnic backgrounds through its grassroots network of member organizations. 

Through its Center for Advocacy Training, the Annual Advocacy Conference provides an opportunity for advocates at all levels to join together, learn the latest in breast cancer science, and continue working to end to breast cancer.  Project LEAD®, NBCC’s world-class science training program, prepares consumers to become patient advocates with influence on clinical trials and grant funding panels.  Last year, its first International Clinical Trials Project LEAD was held in Paris with 26 students from 13 countries and included core Project LEAD faculty members and prominent researchers from Belgium, France and the United Kingdom.  This week-long course was a remarkable training of breast cancer advocates aimed at encouraging advocate involvement in research and clinical trials work around the world. 

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS) advocates for quality cancer care for all Americans and provides tools that empower people affected by cancer to advocate for themselves.  Founded by and for cancer survivors in 1986, NCCS created the widely accepted definition of survivorship and considers someone a cancer survivor from the time of diagnosis through the balance of life.

National Women's Cancer Research Alliance
The goal of Entertainment Industry Foundation's National Women's Cancer Research Alliance (NWCRA) is to accelerate promising research to treat cancer patients more safely and to increase patient access to some of the most significant clinical trials in the nation. Co-founded with Lilly Tartikoff, EIF NWCRA grants have yielded preliminary data demonstrating that all breast cancers are not alike, and that malignancies in the breast can be divided into clearly identifiable sub-types based on the pattern of their gene expression. That explains why clinical outcomes for women treated with standard one-size-fits-all treatment regimens vary widely. To improve these overall outcomes, researchers are committed to the development of new treatments specifically designed for each sub-type of breast cancer. Institutions receiving continued support to advance this work are Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Harvard University, Jonsson Cancer Center (UCLA), University of Chicago and the National Breast Cancer Coalition.  There is also a new research effort in identifying the unique pathways driving breast cancer in African-American women.  Finally, there is a major research effort into the mechanisms driving ovarian cancer and how to treat this disease with new approaches.

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance
Since 2002, the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance has been working to save the lives of women by helping healthcare practitioners learn to diagnose ovarian cancer earlier. They do this through the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance's innovative educational program, Survivors Teaching Students: Saving Women's Lives (STS).  STS brings ovarian cancer survivors into health professionals' classrooms to share their stories and key information about the disease. The program is now in more than 60 medical schools around the country as well as in a number of nurse practitioner, nursing and physician assistant training programs.

William F. Ryan Community Health Center
The William F. Ryan Community Health Center is a not-for-profit Community Health Center that provides high quality, affordable, primary, preventative and specialty health care and supportive services to minority and medically underserved populations. Funds will be used to support the Women's Health Education/Patient Navigator programs at Ryan's main site, its satellite, Ryan-NENA, and its affiliate Ryan/Chelsea-Clinton, which serve, collectively, the Upper West Side, Central Harlem, Washington Heights, Lower East Side, and Chelsea/Clinton neighborhoods of Manhattan.