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The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) mobilizes the entertainment community around a groundbreaking multi-year initiative designed to inspire a new era of service.  “iParticipate” was launched in October 2009 and makes service a part of who we are as Americans and show what we can achieve when we all pull together. EIF encourages support for five key areas of service: Education & Children, Health & Well Being, Economic Development, Environmental Conservation, and Support for Military Families.

EIF has provided capacity-building grants to help grow these organizations and their service initiatives:

ServiceNation leads a coalition of 200 organizations that cuts across all walks of American life, representing community, faith-based, and national organizations with members at all age, education and income levels. EIF has committed funds for two years to access ServiceNation's member organizations to provide content for on-air and online programming specific to service-focused information.  Content will include powerful stories from the field to be used in news reports and entertainment plotlines, as well as positioning individuals and groups as interview subjects for news and talk shows.  Additionally, "Cities of Service" Mayors Project will be launched to engage mayors around the country, led by NYC's Michael Bloomberg, to promote service at the city level.  ServiceNation will also strategize with EIF to sustain the momentum created by these activities to pursue a more powerful service movement in America.

City Year Los Angeles (CYLA) is dedicated to engaging more 17-24 year olds to commit one year to full-time service as tutors, mentors and role models in L.A. public schools. EIF funding is directed to general operating support of the organization, giving the capacity to expand its corps members to 150 in twelve Los Angeles Unified School District elementary and middle schools. CYLA recruits corps members from diverse ethnic, educational, and socioeconomic backgrounds for a year of service and leadership development. Projects outside the classroom include building playgrounds and reclaiming public spaces, organizing after-school programs, weekend leadership programs and school vacation camps.  Objectives of the program will be measured on the following: 1) grow CYLA to serve full-time in 12 LAUSD schools and provide tutoring and small group support for 1140 students; 2) provide after-school programs for 730 students; and 3) improve the literacy of students tutored by corps members by 70%.

The Governor’s EnCorps Teachers Program is an innovative public-private partnership dedicated to increasing the number of much-needed math and science teachers in California’s public middle and high schools. As the state enters its third decade of severe teacher shortages, it faces particular deficiencies in the areas of math and science, as well as career technical teachers. Over the next seven to ten years, some 33,000 math and science teachers will be needed in California. Baby boomers are retiring at a younger age than any prior generation. Initial research shows that as boomers begin to retire, they are looking for ways to continue working, specifically in positions which allow them to give back to society in a meaningful manner. Fifty-five percent of upcoming retirees who indicate their intent to continue working express an interest in teaching. Eleven million Californians retiring in the next two years. EnCourps recruits retiring math and science professionals who are ready to transition from the corporate sector into teaching.

The LEAGUE combines service and learning with live, interactive events. From planting trees to collecting food for the hungry, youth are returning millions of dollars worth of value back to the community. The one-year grant will help build The LEAGUE’s capacity to combine State standards-based lesson plans with community service events that teach students the value of giving, while recognizing them for their efforts.  EIF funds will be used to support The LEAGUE CEO, Bill Hoogterp, efforts to leverage contacts within the US Department of Education to encourage schools to provide a “Service Coach.”  Similar to a basketball coach or drama coach, the Service Coach will capture the energy of today’s service movement to empower more youth to enter a lifetime of service.

The UCLA Volunteer Center's mission is to engender a lifelong commitment to volunteerism from its more than 400,000 students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends, as well as serve as an international role model for other institutions.  With EIF funding, The Volunteer Center has designed a cutting-edge online hub for volunteer information.    Iin September 2009, EIF  helped to underwrite its first-ever, one-day event for The Center during which the University mobilized its 5,000 new students, along with 600 current students, faculty, staff and alumni to volunteer locally. Participants were positioned throughout the Los Angeles area, at five or more project sites, to paint schools and landscape parks.